Beginner’s Guide to Reducing Waste..

The Addison County, Vermont site has a variety of information, including ideas which could transplant to Wichita.

Earth Day

Information about educating your kids, family projects, successful community programs, a village saving a river … Multiple small actions can build to create larger change spanning cities, states and countries. Change starts with action. Literally, A Billion Acts of Green are happening across the planet. From students in classrooms to organizers in their communities to officials in government, anyone can make a difference. Also, see The Fact Sheet


Entertaining and educational web based game

Green Education Foundation

Besides tips on wasting less (including food) at home and office, there
are activities, curriculums and more ..


“Excellent resources for planning and developing recycling programs”

Kansas Organization of Recyclers

The Kansas Organization of Recyclers is comprised of   public/governmental entities, business professionals, non-profit organizations and private citizens that support waste reduction, composting, reuse and recycling efforts in Kansas.

NASA Presents

From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (and Matt) comes a kids’ web site featuring Water, Weather, Plants, Energy and MORE.

NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

Entertaining and educational with games, activities for kids and adults as well as lessons and lesson plans for teachers

Sedgwick County Household Hazardous Waste

Located at 801 Stillwell (316.660.7464) the HHW Facility is a place Sedgwick County residents can dispose of old chemicals and household hazardous waste free of charge.

Sedgwick County Recycling Guide

This online guide lists where many of the most commonly used household items can be recycled in Sedgwick County.

The Movie - Story of Bottled Water

Bottled water … Do you know how it developed and where yours has been?

Disturbing information about micro fibers and micro beads: (NOTE: the point of the story is that micro fibers are in ALL the water supplies, including bottled water)

The Movie - The Story of Stuff

Entertaining animated and narrated history of how we got to this point in our wasteful lives.